Cybercrime Website That Attacked 4 Million Victims Taken Down; Five Arrested

“This is a warning to all wannabe DDOS-ers… we will identify you, bring you to court and facilitate that you will be held liable by the victims for the huge damage you cause”.


A British and Dutch-led operation on Wednesday brought down a website linked to more than four million cyber attacks around the world, with banking giants among the victims, European law enforcement agencies said. “Authorities in five countries including the Netherlands, Serbia, Croatia and Canada, with support from Police Scotland and Europol, targeted six members of the crime group behind,” Britain’s National Crime Agency said in a statement.

Cybercriminals used the website’s services, which could be rented for as little as $14.99 (12.31 euros), to launch so-called distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks, which swamp targets with spam traffic and disable their IT systems.


Law enforcement cooperation needs to be “as good as” the collaboration between criminal gangs “to turn the tables on these criminals and shut down their malicious cyber attacks”.